Monthly Education Meeting

Meeting topics change monthly based on questions received from caregivers. Past topics have included: Partnering withYour Doctor, Activities for People with Dementia, Managing Challenging Behaviors, and Early Stage Issues.

Upcoming Monthly Meeting

Monday, September 12

Topic: Listen Up! Why Hearing Health is Important for Families Living with Dementia

Speaker: Jeffrey Wax, LCSWR, Director of the Emotional Health and Wellness Center at the Center for Hearing and Communication

Carolyn Ginsburg Stern, Manager of the Center for Hearing and Aging at the Center for Hearing and Communication

  • Learn how to address the causes and signs of hearing loss.
  • Discover communication strategies and technological support available.
  • Find out ways to manage the emotional impacts related to hearing challenges.

Register: please call our 24-hour Helpline (646) 744-2900.