A storytelling podcast about Alzheimer's and dementia caregiving.

Caregiver/Storyteller is a storytelling podcast about Alzheimer’s and dementia caregiving. Every caregiver has a story to tell. Chris Doucette interviews caregivers to learn how they became caregivers, the ups and downs of their journey, and how they’ve changed as a result. Other podcasts teach. Through confessional storytelling, Caregiver/Storyteller helps listeners understand the first-person reality of what caregiving is actually like. While all caregiving stories convey a sense of loss, there is also a surprising amount of fortitude, loyalty, gratitude, joy, and humor. These are their stories.

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Episode 2
Both Parents With Dementia: Lou-Ellen Barkan
Lou-Ellen’s father, Joe, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, leaving her mother, Marilyn, to serve as primary caregiver – a role that left her financially, emotionally, and physically exhausted.

Episode 1
The Only Child: Keith Amparado
Keith tells the story of how he very carefully took greater control over key aspects of his mother's life, and how he realized the degree to which his mother trusted him.