Your Gift Sustains Us

Carol Berne
Senior Vice President of Development

When I think of CaringKind and our achievements through the years, I am inspired by the thousands of the donors who lend support to ensure that we continue to be New York City’s leading resource in dementia care. Gifts, large and small, come from individuals, foundations, and corporations. With more than 95% of our operating budget driven by philanthropy, we are always mindful of maintaining the highest standards of performance for all of our programming and outreach efforts so that donors have the assurance of knowing that their gift was used wisely and well. It’s our mission that we continue to be a trusted lifeline for families affected by dementia.

We thank the donor community for making possible our expansion and growth. We have extended our reach and now have six satellite offices around New York City and its boroughs, enabling us to serve families directly where they live. We have strengthened our social work department by adding an outreach manager dedicated to the Bronx, and launching a new initiative to reach the Orthodox Jewish community, staffed by our first Jewish Community Outreach Social Worker. We are building our resources with the development of an education and training program on family dynamics and family conflict, as caring for a person with dementia is often a leading cause of friction among family caregivers. And this year, we plan to take the next step in our transformative palliative care initiative by developing a Guide for Family Caregivers on Palliative Care, so that caregivers are knowledgeable about this comfort-care approach for their relative with dementia. Further to this agenda, this spring we will hold a symposium focused on pain and pain management.

These programs are just a sampling of our many achievements over the year. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia often carry a hidden toll, as family caregivers suffer alongside the diagnosed individual. Dementia caregiving is unpredictable, all-encompassing, highly demanding, financially draining, and it can continue for years. As the disease progresses, caregiving responsibilities escalate until the person requires care around the clock. Family caregivers become key decision-makers tasked with managing every aspect of care, including finances, safety, and personal and medical care. Many families will encounter common challenges, such as a relative with dementia who needs but refuses help; a confusing health care system; exorbitant care expenses; and the need to balance caregiving with other demands.

When you support CaringKind, the impact of your gift is immediate. It is felt by a caregiving wife who has just completed the Family Caregiver Workshop where she has learned invaluable coping skills. It is felt by the son who attends one of our 85 Caregiver Support Groups and now knows there are others in a similar situation who understand what he is going through. Ultimately, your gift represents a commitment to good care. As we wait for a treatment or cure — which may be decades away — you can take action now, knowing that you are transforming a life today.

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