Meredith Wong,
Manager of Connect2culture®

Make Time to Breathe

As Covid-19 impacts access to home care and other support services, a caregiver has even more need for respite. It’s time to focus on themselves. Too often, a caregiver forgets about their well-being  — emotional, physical, and spiritual. While it may take some scheduling adjustments, it’s important for a caregiver to make time to breathe, spend time with friends, find ways to recharge. This might include walks in nature, sharing an experience in an art-filled space, listening to music, moving and dancing, or any other enjoyable activity.
Cultural organizations in New York City are slowly reopening to the public while implementing new safety protocols. As they are unable to have group tours or gatherings yet, many are offering similar shared experiences online. This might mean watching a video of a classical concert together and discussing or drawing the colors, textures, or lines it might have inspired. It might also take the form of a virtual walk through a botanical garden and a potting activity.

Art and creative inspiration are everywhere in safe spaces, such as performances and art installation pop-ups in our public spaces  — parks, city streets, and other unexpected places. In recognition of the important role they play in easing feelings of loneliness and depression, connect2culture’s partners continue to find ways to reach families impacted by dementia through multi-sensory shared experiences. From living rooms, bedrooms, and outdoor spaces, these opportunities for social stimulation, conversation, and creative expression are available almost every day. You might have the chance to sing a favorite song or dance to an American Standard with others from the comfort of home. Participating in these virtual gatherings and experiences are ways we can all feel the support of our community and find energy to move forward.

Connect2culture’s virtual programs

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