With your help we’re incubating a new project to connect new caregivers with experienced caregivers.

It’s called “Memory Advocate Peers” or MAP. Co-founded by Jim and Geri Taylor and Sarah Walter, the project is a peer-to-peer effort to bring guidance to individuals newly diagnosed with dementia and their care partners.

MAP will help them find online and local resources, provide supplemental information about their disease, give assistance in finding a clinical trial, and provide a trusted friend with whom to speak about their challenges with this new development in their lives.

MAP will recruit and train up to 25 advocates and provide support to 50 clients and care partners and include individuals from culturally diverse communities from the very beginning. A research study is embedded within the program to evaluate feasibility, as well as participant quality of life, health resource use, and impact on psychological wellbeing.

Because of your financial support, CaringKind is able to serve as fiscal sponsor for this exciting pilot project!

  1. My loved one is wandering. Can you help?
  2. How do I pay for a Home Health Aide?
  3. How do I find and hire a Home Health Aide?
  4. How do I attend one of your special events?
  5. How do I join a CaringKind support group?
  6. I am stressed out and I need to vent – can you talk to me?
  7. How do I plan for the future? I’m at a loss.
  8. My family needs some general information.
  9. I need specialized training – can you help?
  10. Can you register me for one of your seminars?

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