by Carol Berne, Senior VP of Development

I wish to express deep appreciation to the donor community who, over the last year, has helped us not only sustain our work but start new initiatives. CaringKind is reliant on donations – both large and small – from foundations, corporations and people like you - to support our helpline, social work counseling, education and training, support groups, wanderer’s safety program, connect2culture, and a host of other programs, offered free of charge, that makes it possible for an individual living with dementia and their care partner to have a better quality of life. Ensuring good care is the hallmark of CaringKind.

Notable fundraising highlights include:

  • Our 2021 Year End Campaign, as of February 22, 2022 has raised $600,947, and counting!
  • Among the many foundations providing leadership support are The Helen Hoffritz Charitable Trust, funding our Wanderer’s Safety Program and the Special Assistance Fund. The Sephardic Foundation on Aging launched our Jewish Outreach and Social Work program and now supports its expansion. Jarvie Commonweal Service funds our work in the Chinese-speaking community, The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation funds our Latino Outreach Manager, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s generosity is broadening our connect2culture program to reach diverse communities. These grants ensure that our programs are accessible to everyone in the community who needs our help.
  • Our two Virtual Galas, together, raised $1,762,000

Please mark your calendar for our Loraine Halis Lecture on the Art and Science of Caregiving, to be held onsite and virtually, on Tuesday, April 5, at 6PM at CaringKind. This year’s program, Finding Comfort: Living with Advanced Dementia in Residential Care, marks ten years since CaringKind launched its dementia-capable palliative care work, advancing the way care is provided to persons living with advanced dementia in residential care. We will share what we have learned over the past decade, and celebrate our newly published Guide, on which the Lecture is based. To register, please call our helpline at 646-744-2900, or visit

And, on Monday evening, June 6, we return to the Pierre for our first in-person Forget-Me-Not Gala in two years. Please join Jon Henes, Gala Chair, David Hyde Pierce, Gala Emcee, and honorees Marshall Leonard, James Lapine, and Nick Buettner. For tickets and sponsor information, please visit:

We continually hear from clients how helpful CaringKind has been for them, especially over the last two years as they faced greater isolation, loneliness, and depression. Please accept our deep gratitude — because of you, our doors have remained open (virtually) to provide support, comfort, and a means to engage with others. Thank you.

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