Eleonora Tornatore-Mikesh
CaringKind President & CEO

Dear Friends,

I hope you and your family have been well and safe. As we close the year, I wish to thank you for being a partner in our work. It has been a difficult two years of Covid, and families affected by dementia, already at high risk, have relied on us more than ever. Because of you, we met the immediate challenge. Thank you!


But our life-changing work, which is more important than ever, is just beginning. We are expanding our roster of programs and services – in the year ahead – while continuing to provide support to all who turned to us in 2022. We hope we can count on you, once again, to lend support to ensuring that everyone who needs our help has access to the information, support, and compassionate care, free of charge, that CaringKind is known for, making us New York’s trusted partner in dementia care.

With pride, I share that we have re-launched our Early-Stage Services with a suite of evidence-based programs for those with early memory loss and Mild Cognitive Impairment, filling a much-needed gap in service for this population. One of these programs is called Cognitive Stimulation Therapy. I would like to share a note from a caregiver wife whose husband is in the program.

“You’ve touched his heart and mine as well. It’s more than I can ask for. It’s a connection he won’t forget.”

Social isolation remains one of the critical health issues for our clients. And many individuals with early memory loss live alone. Over the next year we will increase efforts to reach these individuals and connect them to CaringKind and community resources. No one should have to experience the journey of dementia alone.

CaringKind has been a lifeline for thousands of families, and I am delighted to share progress over the year:

  • Our Helpline staff of trained dementia care specialists fielded 5,400 calls from caregivers, persons with dementia, and the worried well, seeking information, referral, and guidance.
  • The network of 90 Support Groups is busier than ever, with groups held via telephone, conferencing, or in-person.
  • Our Social Workers provided one-on-one and family consultations with more than 1,285 counseling sessions, helping caregivers better navigate the complex road ahead.
  • Our Connect2Culture program has broadened its reach and extends across the country, virtually, while continuing to serve local communities with culturally sensitive programming, helping to reduce social isolation through engagement with the arts.
  • Our MedicAlert® NYC Wanderer’s Safety Program is busier than ever, providing a vital safety net to persons with dementia who wander and go missing.
  • Our Education Seminars are back to a pre-Covid schedule and over 670 caregivers have attended, virtually, learning about Legal and Financial Planning, Medicaid Home Care, Introduction to Dementia, and a host of other topics.
  • Our relaunched Early-Stage Services is providing a suite of evidence-based programs to persons with early memory loss and Mild Cognitive Impairment.

CaringKind relies on donations, from people like you, to keep our programs free of charge, and to be able to respond to new challenges as they arise. Your tax-deductible contribution directly supports our community.

We recognize that we are living in challenging times. Please know that a gift of any amount would be greatly appreciated and have a healing impact on the caregiver families we serve. However, gifts of $250, $500 or $1000 are especially needed. CaringKind would not be here without you!

On behalf of CaringKind, I wish you a healthy, peaceful, and productive 2023, and thank you for supporting our work today and into the future.


Eleonora Tornatore-Mikesh
President & CEO

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