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TackleALZ 2020 - we’re going virtual

For 2020, we can’t play in person. So, we’re going virtual! We’re inviting all TackleALZ alumni (or “BVB alumni” for you pioneers) to participate in a two-week tournament on the TackleALZ Facebook page! In 2019, 80 Tackle players and coaches raised an astonishing $217,000 for CaringKind. While that record-breaking amount may not be achievable in 2020, we can still put forth a good faith effort to do what we can.

What a virtual TackleALZ season looks like:

TackleALZ alumni are invited to participate in a virtual TackleALZ tournament between teams Blondetourage and BruCrew on CaringKind’s TackleALZ facebook page. The fundraising tournament will begin on Monday, 11th and end on May 23rd, which will be our “Game Day.”

There are three ways to participate:

For Alumni who love commitment

CaringKind asks that you officially register on CaringKind’s TackleALZ’s website. That process will create a fundraising page for you and you can promote that page to solicit donations as you normally would. There will be $25.00 minimum initial contribution to register, but there is no fundraising minimum.

Register here

For Alumni who fear nothing (except commitment)

You can still participate even if you don’t officially register! To be eligible to win one of the various categories, we ask that you donate a minimum of $25.00 to an official participant’s fundraising page. Then, you can compete in the various categories.

Donate to BruCrew    Donate to Blondetourage

For alumni who can’t register and can’t donate right now

We understand that the impact of COVID-19 has hit some people especially hard. If you feel like you can’t fundraise or donate, we still want you to play! So go ahead and post your stories, pics, and videos. You’ll still be eligible to win categories and participate fully. All we ask is that you help promote the tournament to friends, family, and fellow alumni on social media.

The Tournament

Players compete for various superlatives through photos and videos posted exclusively on TackleALZ’s facebook page. Players must include the corresponding hashtag so that each post can be sorted. The content for these categories should be created during the tournament. The only “vintage” photos allowed are for the category “Best Throwback Photo.”

Best Action Shot
Best Touchdown Dance
Most Team Spirit
Biggest Superfan (baby, pet, etc.)
Best Throwback Photo
Top Fundraising Team
Top Fundraising Individual
Best Narrative Story (no pics or videos)
Best Transformation

  • “Best Transformation” refers to videos that show you transform from casual couch potato to fierce football athlete, like in the makeup brush compilations seen in the link below. Instead of using a prop, which not everyone might have, players could simply move into a crouched, snap position or something like that. Coming out of the snap is the transformed look.
  • “Game Day” will be the announcement of superlative winners on Facebook Live on Saturday, May 23, at 1:00pm. Fundraising will be determined exclusively by donations made through the fundraising platform, plus checks received over the transom through USPS, and any confirmed corporate matching amounts as of 5:00pm prior to Game Day.
  • Checks must be received no later than Thursday, May 21st, to ensure that we can update Classy in time with those donations.
  • Immediately following Game Day will be a tailgate party on Zoom, which allows up to 100 people at a time. Should we have more than 100 participants, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.