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Closing June 30 2018


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Following on the heels of the auction of Mark Dziewulski’s sculpture at CaringKind’s annual Forget-Me-Not Gala at The Pierre on June 4 2018, there is now an on-lineauction of Dziewulski’s art, with profits going to benefit CaringKind.

Dziewulski supports CaringKind’s mission of creating, delivering, and promoting comprehensive and compassionate care and support services for individuals and families, who, like Dziewulski, are deeply affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Dziewulski’s latest artworks evolved from his personal experience caring for his mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s. “While my mother was living in London and I was caring for her from my studio in San Francisco, I set up a computer in her living room that I could turn on remotely and would Skype her for six hours a day, while I worked. I had always thought communication was verbal – if you telephone someone you feel the need to keep talking. But with Skype we just got into the habit of keeping each other company. If she fell asleep and I had to go out, I would leave a note in front of the camera saying: ‘Gone to lunch back in 20 minutes’. What I realized is that we were feeling each other’s ‘presence’ more than just verbal or visual communication. It is that ‘presence’ of a person that I am trying to capture in my art. It inspired me to capture people’s characters and essence, and to celebrate the positive aspects of human nature. With paint, I have this amazing flexibility to show so much more than just a single moment, I have the ability to incorporate into the still image the extradimensions of time and memory”.   Dziewulski’s vast repertoire has received numerous accolades and awards. His work has been exhibited internationally in museums and galleries and has been published more than 150 times in 14 countries. For his national memorial sculpture in Warsaw, Dziewulski was honored with the Gold Cross Order of Merit from the Polish Government, and he received a letter of approval from Buckingham Palace.