Memories & Connection Through Culture with Meredith Wong

Access Champions Podcast

This week we sit down with Meredith Wong, the manager of Connect2Culture at CaringKind and a member of Museum, Arts and Culture Access Consortium. Hear/Read about her journey from Art History, through museum  education, and landing at CaringKind. We chat about Connect2Culture’s  work creating unique opportunities for people living with dementia and  their caregivers and the trainings they’ve been doing at cultural  institutions. Finally, learn how Meredith is working towards providing  this program all across NYC. Also a bit of reflection on self care  through humor. All of that and more on this week’s episode of The Access  Champions Podcast sponsored by Able: The Series.

OPEN: CaringKind/Ailey Dance Workshops

Open host Daren Jaime sits down with Manager of connect2culture at  Caring Kind, Meredith Wong to shares more about CaringKind’s partnership  with Ailey Dance engaging families impacted by Alzheimer’s/Dementia  through music & dance.