A caregiver describes her experience.

“The pain of caregiving to an Alzheimer’s loved one cannot be shared except if that person, the listener, is also a caregiver. The isolation I feel living with my husband has become, since Alzheimer’s took over has been relentless. For some of us, like me, where families are scattered, the Group is all we have. They hold my hand; urge me to "hang in" when I think I am losing my grip. Bring me home when I’ve lost it. They know because they are me... living the same agonizing existence, day in and day out.”

A group member explains how COVID-19 only magnified her need for a Support Group.

“My group has been a lifeline for me for years. I shudder to think how I would have gotten through the current crisis without the group. Each caregiver's situation is unique, but we have come to know each other well and consistently give each other commiseration, encouragement, and invaluablepractical and emotional tips. I look forward to the day when we can again meet physically and give each other a personal, not virtual, hug. In the meantime, the Zoom meetings are a bright spot in a dark time.”

A caregiver living with her mother with Alzheimer's speaks to how group helps her cope and find balance.

“I had a real concern for my Mom following the Pandemic, added that I would also work from home. I questioned how and if I could do both particularly with a demanding employer.I feel blessed and very fortunate to have had the Support Group during these uncertain challenging times. Over the years the Support Group has instilled a constant sense of strength, support and inspiration. Caring kind reminds us the importance of taking care of ourselves in order to take care of others. This is especially the time to make sure you do not lose yourself in the caregiving role.”

A woman caring for her mother describes the additional challenges of caregiving during the epidemic.

“When I first joined, I thought I had to take care of my mom completely by myself, and only through the encouragement of the support group did I come to believe that I needed and deserved help. The group encouraged me to get home health aides and this has enabled me to keep my sanity while keeping my commitment to keep my loved one at home. Since Covid-19 I have lost the aides I depended so much on and must take care of my mom completely alone, with no help and a full time job. I feel grateful I still have my group that is more than ever a life-preserver when I feel so overwhelmed and alone. I thank CaringKind from the bottom of my heart. It is a life-affirming organization for caregivers.”