Dear Friends,

After a dozen years in this job, I thank you for your loyal support of our work as we returned to our roots as an independent New York City organization and unveiled our new name, CaringKind.

Building on 30 years of commitment to our local community, we are proud to be pioneering a future for Alzheimer’s and dementia caregiving that responds to the urgent needs of today. A future where no one is afraid to ask for help. Where we treat people, not a disease. And we are supported with the time and space we need to care for ourselves and each other.

When you support CaringKind, 100% of your contributions stay right here in New York City to support individuals and families affected by a dementia diagnosis. Thank you!
While the Alzheimer’s Association is advertising a New York City Chapter, please, don’t be misled. Their 800 number operators are located in Chicago and cannot provide the same local expertise as CaringKind’s experienced staff, all New Yorkers who know this community first-hand.

At CaringKind, all of our services remain free of charge, including our own 646-744-2900 Helpline number. Clients have the opportunity to meet in person with a licensed Social Worker, attend training and education programs and support groups right here in the community and work closely with our very own NYPD to ensure the safety of someone who wanders.

Now, I want to clear up any confusion about the four CaringKind Alzheimer’s Walks, which are taking place, as always, in Riverside Park, Coney Island, South Beach and Flushing Meadows. We know that the Chicago-based Alzheimer’s Association is asking you to walk with them.

Here are Four Reasons to Walk With Us:

We’re 100% Dedicated to New York

100% of the donations you raise will support free programs and services delivered in New York by New Yorkers.

We Know Our Communities

We have nearly 100 support groups meeting in person throughout the five boroughs, providing a lifeline for thousands of caregivers.

We Provide Access to Care

Our Helpline and Social Work staff have deep and long-standing relationships with NYC community partners including diagnostic centers, hospitals, nursing homes, case managers, assisted living facilities, day care programs, legal and financial advisors and home care providers.

We’re The First Port of Call

Our Early Stage Center provides unique specialized programs for those in the early stage of dementia who have nowhere else to go for these services.

We all live in hope for a world without Alzheimer's. But until that day comes, the most important thing we can do is provide caregivers with the training, resources and the support they need to care with confidence and make today a little bit brighter.

This is our time to care. Every mother. Every father. Every child. Every New Yorker. And just like the last 27 years, this year’s CaringKind Alzheimer’s Walk will raise funds to support all New Yorkers affected by an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Come walk with us by signing up at and then visit our offices to see your donations at work! I look forward to thanking you at the Walks and throughout the year.


Lou-Ellen Barkan, President & CEO