Sanjay Kasliwal and Crosby Roamann for coming together to celebrate Sparkles and Cheers and we want to invite you to come and be a special part of that wonderful community who shares.

December 8, 2016 5 - 7PM
971 Madison Avenue


Crosby Roamann

A small winery consumed with the idea of creating honest, handmade wines. This passion stems from an aged-old belief that every vineyard is special, every vintage is unique, and each wine is distinct.

Sanjay Kasliwal

Jaipur • New York

Sanjay Kasliwal, owner and designer of The Gem Palace in Jaipur, is the 7th generation descendant of the Kasliwal Family. His devotion to creating jewelry of the finest craftsmanship is intertwined to his family's legacy as the legendary jewelers for the Mughal Empire.

During the event, the Sanjay Kasliwal Boutique and the Crosby Roamann winery will donate 10% of their profit to CaringKind.