Dear Friends of CaringKind,

One year ago, we left the Chicago-based, national Alzheimer’s Association and returned to our roots as an independent, New York City organization. At that time, we were gratified that New Yorkers stepped up with over one million dollars in contributions, both large and small, to support our Year-End Campaign. And every dollar stayed in New York City to support New Yorkers.

This year, we ask you to do the same and, if possible, more. Together, we can save the lives of those who wander, enhance the dementia care skills of home care workers, change the culture of care in nursing homes, and transform the lives of dementia caregivers and their families.

As one client said, “I was at my wits' end with nowhere to turn, and the counseling, resources and ongoing support you provided made all the difference. I will always be grateful.”

CaringKind remains steadfast in our commitment to deliver personal, high-touch programs, serving thousands of New Yorkers each year. Now, with 100% of every donation staying in New York City, we can ensure that you, your neighbors, friends and colleagues have access to the gold standard of dementia care, when and where you need it, 24-hours a day, and all free of charge.

Research indicates that dementia caregivers are at greater risk for anxiety and depression than those who care for persons with other medical conditions. At CaringKind, we provide in-depth, personalized consultations with licensed social workers, a 24-hour Helpline, an extensive network of resources and programs, close to 100 support groups throughout all five boroughs, caregiver workshops, and education and training seminars to provide the foundation for navigating the complexities of dementia caregiving. And, our Early Stage services ensure that a person with early memory loss has specialized programming, support and consultation.

In the absence of an effective treatment, the best therapy is good care, which we have provided to New Yorkers for over 30 years. Today, even with recent advances in research and greater awareness, we remain the only organization in New York City providing a broad range of customized programs and services targeted specifically to families affected by a dementia diagnosis.

With your help and support, we are proud to have made significant progress over this transformative year and we are pleased to share with you the following highlights:

  • Our 24-hour Helpline responded to over 10,000 calls from family caregivers, persons with the disease, professionals in the field, and the “worried well.”
  • Our Social Work Services provided over 4,500 in-depth, personalized consultations.
  • We enhanced our Dementia-Capable Palliative Care Program by establishing a Palliative Care Advisory Group, comprised of physicians, social workers, and community partners.
  • Our Dementia Care Training for Professional Caregivers trained over 350 home care workers to become specialized in dementia care.
  • Through our web-based job matching tool, Together We Care™, we connect families with aides trained by us.
  • Our diversity outreach teams work in all five boroughs to bring public awareness and access to our culturally competent programs for the Latino, African American and Chinese communities.
  • Our connect2culture® program advises New York City’s finest art, theatre and dance institutions on how to enrich the experience for individuals with dementia and their caregivers.
  • Our public policy activities are creating new alliances to support caregiver initiatives as well as federal funding for research.

Whether you have been personally helped by CaringKind, know someone who has or will need us in the future, today we need you more than ever. With your generosity, we can ensure that no one has to face the journey of dementia care alone.

On behalf of the clients we serve, we wish you a peaceful and productive new year. Thank you.


Lou-Ellen Barkan
President and CEO

Jed A. Levine
Executive Vice President, Director of Programs and Services


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