The Canine Unit of the NYPD is a unit unlike any within the Department. Police Officers are expected to be able to communicate with the people they interact with every day, yet officers who work in the Canine Unit have partners who don't know how to speak a single word.  However, these "partners" of these officers need not say a single word, as the officers who work with them have a bond that goes beyond words.  These are heroes who work diligently without complaint and perform these tasks to the best of their abilities.  We are, of course, talking about our canine partners.  

These canines are out every day performing many tasks, from sniffing for drugs or explosives, to assisting officers during dangerous situations, to performing one of the most important jobs, the assistance in locating vulnerable missing victims suffering from Alzheimer's.  The Canine Unit is frequently called upon when a call goes out in search of individuals reported missing.  These canines provide a critical link connecting those who are searching with those that need to be found.  And their successes are many times only known by their handlers and the loved ones of the found missing.  The Canine Unit is a critical part of the mission of the New York City Police Department to protect and value the lives of fellow citizens and continue their work as heroes of New York City."