Now that you’ve received a diagnosis, you’re probably experiencing a number of different feelings such as shock, fear, sadness, anger, or even relief. You may also be struggling with the idea that you have an irreversible illness, yet you don’t feel sick. These are all normal reactions!

It can often be helpful to talk about what you’re feeling and thinking rather than to keep things bottled up inside. In addition to talking with people who are close to you, you can contact our CaringKind Helpline at (646) 744-2900…we’re always here to listen. Click here for our contact information.

To access information about ways to cope and live successfully with the challenges that a diagnosis of dementia can bring, click on the boxes below.


MCI, AD, and Other Dementias
Living With Your Diagnosis
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Legal and Financial Planning
Treatment and Medications
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To speak with someone about the Early Stage Services, please call our
CaringKind Helpline at (646) 744-2900.