The CaringKind Running Club
Running Club Leadership

Laura Habecker

John Garretson

CaringKind’s Running Club is an informal group of runners who meet for weekly group runs in the New York City area. There’s no financial commitment and no fundraising minimum. The club welcomes runners of all abilities and speeds. Runners sometimes plan to meet for drinks or food after the run. Like we said, it’s a casual and welcoming group!

If you’re interested in running with us, please fill out the simple form below so that we have your contact information. Included in the form is a liability waiver to make our insurance brokers happy.

Announcements about each week’s group runs will be via email, facebook, and twitter.

We’ll usually have someone in the Park to watch everyone’s bags. We’ll confirm who that person is on the weekly run announcement.

We look forward to meeting you!

Note, Running Club enrollment is closed.