A Virtual Manual for Nine Ways to Better Sleep

If you are thirty years old, you have been sleeping for about ten years. At age fifty, more than fifteen years. By seventy-five, you’ve racked up a quarter century of sleep. And more than 200,000 hours. How much do you remember about what happened to you as you slept all those years? And how much did you control the time you were asleep? Maybe more than you think you could. You’ve made a good start by enlisting in 9 Ways to Better Sleep. There are several ways to use this manual and participate in the other parts of the program.

Here’s a brief outline: The first section is a gentle exercise in self-assessing your current slumber habits and choices. (No one but you will see this.) Then ask yourself how well they are serving you. Your answer will help you consider dozens of lifestyle choices in five evidence-based texts to improve the quantity and quality of your sleep. The last sections are about how to deal with two serious problems, obstructive sleep apnea and late-night awakenings.

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