We stand in solidarity with the peaceful protests that call for change in communities of color that have continued to feel unseen and unheard. We all have a role to play in fighting a historically racist system of inequality.

At CaringKind we believe all people, no matter their color, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation or social status are equal and are entitled to live in a just and fair society, free from the threat of violence.

Communities of color are disproportionately affected by cognitive decline as well as other chronic health conditions as they age. We are addressing this issue directly by bringing awareness, support, and resources to the African American, Latino, Chinese, Orthodox Jewish and LGBT communities. CaringKind has been a leader in providing dementia care training for and supporting home care workers - the majority of whom are black and brown women.

We stand united with all who are fighting for equal access to research, treatment, and care for those affected by Alzheimer’s and related disorders.

CaringKind renews its commitment to fight injustice, inequality, and racism, and to do all we can to provide our message of hope and help to caregivers and persons with dementia from every community.