Fundraising Recap

By Lauren Longobardi, Junior Committee President

The Junior Committee has been working hard — and playing hard — at a variety of new fundraising events throughout the first half of 2017. In February, we hosted our first paint night at the Paint Place on the Upper West Side. The sold-out room was comprised of Junior Committee members, and old and new friends! Each brought along their favorite bottle of wine and came ready to paint. The picture chosen was the New York City skyline at dusk. While following direction from the instructor, we sipped wine, listening to music, and created some real masterpieces. Over 50% of the proceeds of each ticket was donated to the Junior Committee!

In May, we hosted our first restaurant night at Sauce on the Lower East Side. Over 70 committee members and friends joined together on a warm summer night and dined on family style Italian food. Reservation times were scattered throughout the evening, so regardless what time people ended up getting there, you always saw a friendly face. Over 15% of the proceeds of the evening were donated to the Junior Committee!

Collectively, paint night and restaurant night raised over $1,100! We look forward hosting more successful events like these in the second half of the year, like our Gala on October 27th.