2019 Technology & Caregiving Fair

CaringKind and Aging2.0 presents 3rd Annual Technology & Caregiving Fair RSVP FREE Participating Companies Monday,April 29 12:30PM CaringKind 360 Lexington Avenue, 3rd Floor Browse and sample latest caregiving products. Meet the developers. Share your caregiving challenges and solutions. Show up anytime and stay as long as you’d like. For more information, please contact our helpline at 646-744-2900. Space is limited and registration is required. [...]

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Looking for Home Care?

Find Home Care Agencies in Your Area Click here to get information on Home Care Agencies in the New York City area. Please note that although agencies have their main offices in one borough, they may also service other boroughs. TogetherWeCare® by CaringKind Connecting trained home care workers with the families who need them TogetherWeCare.com was created to bridge the gap between aides who have completed the CaringKind Dementia Care Training for Professional Caregivers and families seeking to hire trained aides to provide care. Aides who have completed CaringKind's training are afforded t [...]

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Caregiver Tips

Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease can have high physical, emotional, and financial costs. The demands of day-to-day care, changes in family roles, and decisions about placement in a care facility can be difficult. There are several evidence-based approaches and programs that can help, and researchers are continuing to look for new and better ways to support caregivers. Becoming well-informed about the disease is one important strategy. Programs that teach families about the various stages of Alzheimer’s and about ways to deal with difficult behaviors and other caregiving challenges [...]

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Late Stage Care

The late stage of Alzheimer's disease may last anywhere from several weeks to several years. Intensive, around-the-clock assistance is usually required. Caring for the person with Alzheimer's disease is most successful when the focus is on preserving quality of life and dignity and treating the person with compassion and respect. Responding to the Individual's Increasing Needs In the last stage of Alzheimer's disease, a person usually: Has difficulty eating and swallowing Needs assistance walking and eventually becomes bed-ridden or chair-bound Needs full-time help with personal care, includ [...]

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Home Care

Seventy percent of persons with Alzheimer's disease are cared for at home. Home care can be essential to provide personal care and give the family assistance and relief to continue to care for the patient. Deciding on and finding the care needed is not always easy. It is a personal decision based on the person's needs and family situation. CaringKind does not recommend nor endorse any home care agencies or workers, but provides information on resources available to assist families in making arrangements. Find Home Care Agencies in Your Area Click here to get information on Home Care Agencies [...]

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