Visiting a Person in a Residential Facility

Once a person with Alzheimer's moves into a facility, family and friends may find it difficult or uncomfortable to visit. Conversations may be strained and the visitors may not know what to say and do. Because visits are so important, here are some suggestions of how to make your visits more comfortable, and easier for you both. If the person is still able to communicate, start a conversation and then just listen. Give the patient your full attention. Watch their body language to be alert to th [...]

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Moving to a Facility

Most people are unaware that when you receive the call that a bed in a nursing home is available, you often have very little time to prepare. Sometimes you'll be expected to bring the patient in the next day.If you are on a waiting list, it is good to have the person's things prepared so you can move very quickly. Sometimes the facility will let you pass up a bed and wait for the next one, however, you run the risk of not having a new bed available for an undetermined amount of time. Relocation [...]

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Choosing a Care Facility

Sometimes you can no longer care for the person with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia at home. The person may need around-the-clock care. Or, he or she may be incontinent, aggressive, or wander a lot. It may not be possible for you to meet all of his or her needs at home anymore. When that happens, you may want to look for another place for the person to live. You may feel guilty or upset about this decision, but remember that many caregivers reach this point as the disease worsens. Mov [...]

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Residential Care Options

Caring for a relative in a nursing home? If you have questions regarding residential care for persons with dementia, call our 24-hour Helpline at (646) 744-2900. Alzheimer's disease brings with it many tough choices for families. One that is often the most difficult is the decision to move the person with dementia from home into a nursing home or assisted living facility. Societal pressures to "take care of one's own" and financial considerations may discourage caregivers from considering this [...]

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