Dental Care | Spring 2018 Newsletter

Addressing the Modern Patient’s Dental Dilemma with an Old Fashioned Solution The iconic doctor’s black bag ­— stuffed full of instruments and cures, it calls to mind an era when medicine literally packed its bags to meet the needs of its most frail patients where they need it the most: at home. Until the 1950’s, nearly half of all doctor-patient visits occurred in the home. Access to care concerns continue to grow for our elderly and special needs population, prompting today’s physicians and passionate care at home. Mount Sinai Hospital’s visiting doctors program recently found that 92% of it [...]

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MedicAlert® NYC Wanderers Safety Program | 2018 Spring Newsletter

Partnership with the New York City Police Department Elizabeth Bravo Santiago, Director of Wanderer's Safety Program Beginning in 1993, the MedicAlert® NYC Wanderer’s Safety Program has had the privilege of working with some of the most dedicated and committed police officers and detectives in the New York City Police Department. Together, we’ve made an enormously positive impact on the lives of people with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias and their caregivers. Few people realize that wandering is a common and potentially life-threatening behavior of persons with dementia. Statisti [...]

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Outreach | Spring 2018 Newsletter

Partnering with Faith-based Organizations Proves Successful Weijing Shi, Manager of Chinese Outreach Paula Rice, Manager of African American Outreach “Pastor, my dad has been acting strange lately. He is very forgetful and gives all of his money away to anyone whom he feels needs it. He refuses any assistance and gets angry when I try to give him advice. He insists he does not have a problem and that he is just doing God’s work. Last week he went to the store four times to buy eggs. I don’t know what to do anymore. I pray every day for him, but this is really scaring me. Could you please s [...]

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Connect2culture®| Spring 2018 Newsletter

Bringing Communities Together Through Partnerships Meredith Wong, Manager of Connect2culture® “Are there programs in my community that my dad and I can enjoy together?” “How can I find activities that are fun for Mom when her responses are unpredictable?” These questions may sound familiar to a caregiver. Looking for ways to keep Mom or Dad meaningfully engaged while a caregiver gets things done around the house or in the community is often a challenge. “Are there programs in my community that my dad and I can enjoy together?” “How can I find activities that are fun for Mom when her response [...]

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Helpline | Spring 2018 Newsletter

The Importance of Diagnostic Centers Stephanie Aragon Director of Helpline The 24-hour Helpline is the heart of CaringKind’s programs and services. It provides trained specialists who offer information, referrals and support to family members, professional caregivers, and people diagnosed with dementia. The Helpline works closely with CaringKind’s Outreach Program. The Outreach Managers build and maintain relationships with professionals in various social service and healthcare fields. The Outreach Managers educate professionals in various disciplines about Alzheimer’s disease and related [...]

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