What is the schedule for Walk day?

9:30am    Yoga with Avita (15 minutes)
10:00am  Opening Ceremony, hosted by ABC-7's Bill Ritter
10:30am  Walk in your neighborhood!
1:00pm    Virtual Tables with staff, sponsors, and tech expo vendors
1:30pm    A panel discussion on Caregiving and Covid-19
2:00pm    David Hyde Pierce and his Broadway friends concert

How do I actually watch all these online elements?

You can watch three different ways:
1) On our home page (caringkindnyc.org). We’ll have the videos embedded right there. They will remain static until they go live at the scheduled time.
2) On our YouTube account (youtube.com/alznyc). Our videos will be at the top of the landing page of our account. Again, they will remain static until they go live at the scheduled time.
3) On our Facebook account (facebook.com/caringkindnyc). The video should appear at the top of our timeline when it plays. To ensure you don’t miss it, go there now, find the videos you want to see and click “Get Reminder.”

Please note: The internet can be troublesome. So, if you have a problem on one platform, try another.

How do the virtual tables work?

On Walk day, at 1:00, you will see on our home page (caringkindnyc.org) a list of links. Each link will take you to a different staff person, sponsor, or tech expo vendor. Most of the links are zoom channels that will allow you engage in a live video chat with the host of that channel (with other Walkers, of course!). Not all the links are zoom channels – some are websites, some are interactive galleries, and one is a PDF containing the latest research on Alzheimer’s Disease.

Most virtual tables will be active from 1:00 – 1:40, though some may go longer. You can click in and out of any virtual table whenever you want. Stay as long as you like. It’s just like the Walk tables in real life – walk by, stop, chat, and move on at your leisure.

What about fundraising prizes?

We’re giving out our prizes today, Saturday, October 10th, from 10:00 – 3:00. We’re at 360 Lexington Avenue, between 40th and 41st Streets. Please wear a mask and wait outside the main door – we’ll come out to you.