CaringKind Podcast Wins National Award for Alzheimer's Caregiving

Recognition for “Caregiver/Storyteller” Earns $20,000 Prize CaringKind, the leading expert in Alzheimer’s and dementia caregiving, has won national recognition for its podcast, Caregiver/Storyteller. The award was made by the Family Caregiver Alliance, a national caregiving advocacy organization based in San Francisco, with the support made possible by grants from The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation and the Bader Philanthropies, Inc. Unlike other Alzheimer’s caregiving podcasts, the Caregiver/Storyteller podcast doesn’t aim to teach skills. Instead, Caregiver/Storyteller provides a pla [...]

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CaringKind Partners with Miss World to Raise Awareness for Alzheimer's Caregiving

Today, CaringKind, the leading expert in Alzheimer’s and dementia caregiving, announces a new advocate for CaringKind: Miss World America 2020, Ms. Alissa Anderegg. For over 40 years, CaringKind has provided care and support for Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers and the people in their care. Ms. Anderegg has experience as a caregiver – her grandmother had Alzheimer’s. In honor of her grandmother, Ms. Anderegg chose Alzheimer’s Disease as her charitable cause. “'Beauty with a Purpose' is the heart and soul of Miss World America, so I chose CaringKind as a beneficiary for my advocacy efforts b [...]

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Introducing CaringKind's New President & CEO

Eleonora C. Tornatore-Mikesh Joins CaringKind as our new President and Chief Executive OfficerReturning to CaringKind is like coming home for Mrs. Tornatore-Mikesh. After graduating from college, she trained as a specialist in aging and dementia at CaringKind, formally known as the Alzheimer’s Association of New York City, working as a research associate for two years on a New York State Department of Health grant on culture change in nursing homes and assisted living residences. Mrs. Tornatore-Mikesh credits her knowledge and expertise to the training she received at CaringKind, “Without the [...]

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CaringKind’s statement of solidarity

We stand in solidarity with the peaceful protests that call for change in communities of color that have continued to feel unseen and unheard. We all have a role to play in fighting a historically racist system of inequality. At CaringKind we believe all people, no matter their color, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation or social status are equal and are entitled to live in a just and fair society, free from the threat of violence. Communities of color are disproportionately affected by cognitive decline as well as other chronic health conditions as they age. We are addressing this issu [...]

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Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability 2019

Meredith Wong, Manager of Connect2culture® Connect2culture partners with almost twenty cultural organizations in New York City whose education departments and broader missions include building community. In doing so, some have embraced diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) to build relationships in the disability communities. In performing and visual arts organizations and in now in some botanic gardens, DEIA offers a framework which they can use to serve visitors with different abilities. These efforts may be through their access programs. Connect2culture is one of many vo [...]

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