Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability 2019

Meredith Wong, Manager of Connect2culture® -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect2culture partners with almost twenty cultural organizations in New York City whose education departments and broader missions include building community. In doing so, some have embraced diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) to build relationships in the disability communities. In performing and visual arts organizations and in now in some botanic g [...]

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Alzheimer’s Caregiving Tips: Driving Safety

Driving is a complicated task. Caregivers of persons with dementia often face the challenge of what do when that person is still driving.  Good drivers are alert, think clearly, and make good decisions. When a person with Alzheimer’s disease is not able to do these things, he or she should stop driving. However, he or she may not want to stop driving or have the insight to realize that there is a problem. A person with some memory loss may be able to drive safely sometimes. But he or she may no [...]

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PRIDE Continues – special concerns of LGBT Caregivers

By Jed A. Levine, adapted from material by Teresa Theophano, Assistant Director of Care Management Services, SAGE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In June we celebrated Pride Month and the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall, the start of the modern Gay Liberation Movement. Over the past 50 years we’ve learned a lot about the special concerns of the estimated three million LGBT caregivers in the U.S. caring for a person with dementia.  And, we know t [...]

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New caregiving strategies for a new year

At CaringKind, we like to say "If you've seen one case of Alzheimer's, you've seen one case of Alzheimer's." But we also know that caregiving share some universal experiences along their Alzheimer's journey. With a new year on the horizon, it's important to remember common caregiver pitfalls and consider new approaches to those problems. Read the full article (PDF) [https://www.caringkindnyc.org/_pdf/blog/parkslope122118.pdf] [...]

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Holiday Gifts for Someone with Alzheimer's

Jed A. Levine President & CEO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Making sure you get the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list can be tough. But shopping for someone with Alzheimer's or dementia can be even trickier. Here are some things to consider when shopping for a person who has been diagnosed and when shopping for their caregiver. Consider their capabilities: When giving a gift to someone who has Alzheimer's, it's importan [...]

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