In My Opinion | Fall 2018 Newsletter

Lou-Ellen Barkan Founding Director -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Technology We take it for granted that technology makes life easier and better. We order goods and groceries, pay our bills, read our books and watch our movies online. And most of the time, everything works just fine. Until it doesn’t. And that’s when we look for help from a real live human. Problem is, most of the time, organizations don’t have enough staff with enough knowle [...]

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CaringKind In The News | Fall 2018 Newsletter

Although you’ll often find Jed A. Levine highlighting the importance of caregivers in the media, this summer he became a bit of a newsmaker himself. News of Jed becoming President and CEO of CaringKind was reported on in The Chronicle of Philanthropy and New York Nonprofit Media. This October, Jed and Jessica Gonzalez, CaringKind’s Manager of Constituent Events and a caregiver herself, were guests on the hour-long radio show, “Community Connections” with veteran reporter Bill Ayers, on 95.5 WPL [...]

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Caring for the Caregiver | Fall 2018 Newsletter

Caregiver Self-Care Tips As actress and singer Lena Horne once said, “It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” While we can’t change the nature of the “load,” or the stresses of dementia caregiving, we can help caregivers learn to carry it more easily. The tools, tips, information, and food for thought that follow are intended to keep you flexible, strong, and capable of carrying your load without being too weighed down by the burden. Research confirms that caregivers [...]

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