Support Groups | Issue 3 2020

Dasha Kiper Consulting Clinical Supervisor, Support Groups Unpredictability is something all caregivers live with. Though, for some, there is one constant in their lives: CaringKind support groups. These groups provide the stability and empathy caregivers do not find elsewhere. Before Maria W. joined a support group, she thought she had to take care of her mother alone. But with the group’s encouragement, she acquired a good home health aide and felt her sanity restored. Finally, she could envision a life that was not entirely consumed by Alzheimer’s. But then Covid-19 hit, and like so many [...]

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Connect2culture® | Issue 3 2020

Meredith Wong, Manager of Connect2culture® Make Time to BreatheAs Covid-19 impacts access to home care and other support services, a caregiver has even more need for respite. It’s time to focus on themselves. Too often, a caregiver forgets about their well-being  — emotional, physical, and spiritual. While it may take some scheduling adjustments, it’s important for a caregiver to make time to breathe, spend time with friends, find ways to recharge. This might include walks in nature, sharing an experience in an art-filled space, listening to music, moving and dancing, or any other enjoyable [...]

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President's Message | Issue 3 2020

Eleonora Tornatore-Mikesh President & CEO Dear Reader, When our precious world is at its darkest, CaringKind is the lighthouse that continues to guide families throughout the Alzheimer’s or dementia caregiving journey. And with New York City being hit harder and earlier by Covid-19, CaringKind had the obligation to shine even more brightly. I believe we honored that obligation. But the work is far from over. When tragedy strikes, our community — caregivers, donors, board, staff, partners, and volunteers — step up to help one another. (And yes, many of you hold more than one of those titles.) [...]

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