Volunteer | Spring 2017 Newsletter

Walking Home Together: A Support Group Leader’s Continuing Journey By Lorraine Ruggieri, LMSW -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the past quarter of a century I have known no other death other than death by dementia. As the facilitator of a support group for 25 years, I have been there with over 100 caregivers who stood at the threshold between life and death, who completed the journey with their loved one and walked them home. For over 1,000 [...]

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Junior Committee Update | Spring 2017 Newsletter

By Lauren Longobardi Junior Committee President -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Ride To Remember On April 6, Junior Committee members and friends attended the Junior Committee’s 4th annual Ride to Remember at SWERVE Fitness in Midtown Manhattan. Ride to Remember, one of the largest fundraisers held by the Junior Committee and the second fundraiser in 2017, is a spin event where riders raise awareness and funds for CaringKind. Riders signed u [...]

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Athletes to End Alzheimers | Spring 2017 Newsletter

### 13.1 Miles for the Cause **By Candace Douglas, Director of Constituent Events** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ![](/content/images/2017/05/atea2.jpg)In the week leading up to a big race, you find athletes bogged down with plenty of thoughts and questions: Have they been hydrating enough? (No.) Should they be eating more pasta? (Yes.) Is this the week to try out those new running shoes? (Absolutely not.) What songs make the final cut for thei [...]

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Rapid Referral | Spring 2017 Newsletter

New York State’s CARE Act: New Rules for Hospital Discharge Planning By Jessica Zwerling, MD, MS Teresa Santos, MSW, LCSW -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Mom, stop it! You don’t have a paper due! Stop it right now! You’re not in college.” It was 3 a.m., and the woman was trying to convince her 80-year-old mother that her need to hand in a dissertation to the professor was “all in her head.” “I was standing there, helpless, crying, and all I [...]

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