Junior Committee | Summer 2017 Newsletter

Fundraising Recap By Lauren Longobardi, Junior Committee President -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Junior Committee has been working hard — and playing hard — at a variety of new fundraising events throughout the first half of 2017. In February, we hosted our first paint night at the Paint Place on the Upper West Side. The sold-out room was comprised of Junior Committee members, and old and new friends! Each brought along their favorite bot [...]

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Athletes to End Alzheimer's | Summer 2017 Newsletter

### 48 Hours in May **By Candace Douglas, Director of Constituent Events** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ![](/content/images/2017/08/Untitled-23.jpg) *Players Rachel Dender, Leizl Montecillo & Virginia Lei are inducted into the 2017 TackleALZ NYC Hall of Fame for raising over $10,000 in their careers by Honorary Coaches and former NFL players, Jude Waddy, Bobby Sewall & Noah Burroughs and CaringKind staff Jed Levine and Candace Douglas.*Over th [...]

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Pratt Partnership | Summer 2017 Newsletter

The Art of Design for Alzheimer’s By Alex Schweder, Associate Professor at Pratt Institute -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Having a parent is a universal human experience. Without parents, it is safe to say, none of us would exist. Our relationship with those who are responsible for our existence is unique, sometimes fraught, sometimes joyous, but always profound. With them, our first relationship, we practice being human. If we are fortunate, [...]

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Caregiver Information | Summer 2017 Newsletter

Coping with Hibernators and Armchair Quarterbacks By Daniel Kuhn, LCSW, Vice-President of Education, All Trust Home Care, Author of Alzheimer’s Early Stages: First Steps for Family, Friends and Caregivers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia requires practical help and moral support from other people on a regular basis. You are fortunate if who have family members and friends who can [...]

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Balance App: for Alzheimer’s Caregiving | Summer 2017 Newsletter

New Balance App Designed for Alzheimer’s Caregivers By David V. Pomeranz, Chief Operating Officer of RiverSpring Health -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- by David V. Pomeranz Chief Operating Officer of RiverSpring HealthDownload from the Apple App Store [https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/balance-for-alzheimers-caregiving/id1238058941?ls=1&mt=8] We are living in a time when mobile phones and tablets are information hubs for everyday life. Need help [...]

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