In My Opinion | 2020 Newsletter - Vol. 1

Maintaining Our Standard of Excellence Lou-Ellen Barkan Founding Director -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last month, I attended a retirement dinner for an old friend. The room was overflowing with Ruth’s colleagues from thirty years in business and her many friends. Also present were appreciative board and staff members from a host of community-based organizations benefitting from Ruth’s generosity. The accolades flowed during the presentation [...]

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Events | 2020 Newsletter - Vol. 1

Annual Meeting Presents Innovative Alzheimer’s Research Our Annual Research Meeting on October 28, Innovative Approaches to Alzheimer’s Diagnostics and Research, brought together a dynamic panel of experts including Dr. Peter Davies, Dr. Angela R. Kramer, Terry Fokas, and moderated by Dr. Max Gomez. Dr. Gomez is an award-winning broadcast journalist who rejoined WCBS-TV as a medical reporter in June 2007 and has served on a host of advisory boards, including the national board of directors for [...]

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MedicAlert® NYC Wanderer’s Safety Program | 2020 Newsletter - Vol. 1

Our Commitment to Excellence and Saving Lives Elizabeth Bravo Santiago, Director of Wanderer's Safety Program -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Few people realize that wandering is a common and potentially life-threatening behavior of persons with dementia. Statistically, six out of ten people will wander, and if a wanderer is not found within a 24-hour period, there is a possibility he or she could be seriously injured or deceased. This can be a [...]

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Community | 2020 Newsletter - Vol. 1

A Caregiver is Not Alone with CaringKind I was 28 years old when my father was diagnosed with dementia. At 28 years old, there are so many things on your mind. You’re thinking about your career, your relationships, your next vacation… You’re not supposed to be thinking about how to care for an ailing parent – at least, not yet. But I had to. He’s my dad. When it started, my dad still had his fair share of “good days.” If you’ve ever cared for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you know h [...]

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