Social Work Services | Winter 2017 Newsletter

As Unique as the City We Serve By Anne M. Foerg, Director of Social Work It is not uncommon to hear people say that they never truly understood what social workers do until they needed the assistance of one. While society recognizes social workers as people who “help,” it is their approach in doing so that is unique in relation to other “helping” professionals. A social worker is trained to see a person or a family in a holistic manner, exploring the physical, emotional, social, financial, and environmental factors that influence their movement through the world. Social work isn’t about meet [...]

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Early Stage Center | Winter 2017 Newsletter

A Week in the Life of the Early Stage Center By Lauren Volkmer, Director of Early Stage Center The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Early Stage Center is a place where people with early stage dementia or Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) come on a weekly basis for groups that provide support, cognitive stimulation, and socialization. Participants are all aware of their memory loss and are seeking to connect with others who are “in the same boat.” Those connections are what make up the unique fabric of our program and the community spirit that exists within our walls. To illustrate this, below are s [...]

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Know Your Doctor | Winter 2017 Newsletter

When You are Looking for a Memory Assessment By Hillel Grossman, M.D. Everyone over a certain age has had the experience of running into a former coworker and not remembering her name; of dashing into the kitchen during halftime and not being able to recall why you are in the kitchen. What do these experiences represent? Normal aging? Emerging dementia? Early Alzheimer’s disease? Does it matter how old I am? If I have a relative with dementia? These questions should not be answered off the cuff by your neighbor’s nephew who works for a drug manufacturer and pondered going to medical school. T [...]

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CaringKind In The News | Winter 2017 Newsletter

CaringKind closed out 2016 with media coverage in one of the largest, most widely read news outlets in the country. USA Today featured two incredible articles written by Lou-Ellen Barkan on Alzheimer’s and dementia caregiving in a special “Fighting Alzheimer’s” supplement. One article discussed the role of caring in the absence of a cure, while the other provided common sense tips on how to ease the emotional, physical, and financial burdens of caregiving. These articles appeared both in print and online reaching over 22 million readers (and caregivers) across the nation. Lou-Ellen was also [...]

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Reflections | Winter 2017 Newsletter

A Year of Transition, A Year of Service By Matt Kudish, Senior Vice President of Caregiver Services For over 30 years, CaringKind has been New York City’s central address for Alzheimer’s and dementia care and support. And this has never been truer than it is now, following our disaffiliation from the national Alzheimer’s Association in December 2015. No one knows New York better than New Yorkers. By returning to our roots as a local New York City-based nonprofit, our clients receive the highest caliber information, education and support from our expert staff, all of whom are based right here [...]

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