National Night Out | Fall 2017 Newsletter

CaringKind at National Night Out CaringKind was invited to participate in the 35th annual National Night Out Against Crime. National Night Out is an event that promotes police-community partnerships and aims to make neighborhoods across the country safer, more caring places to live. We are glad to report our participation was well received by the community and proved to be a huge success! Staff and volunteers handed out over 500 packets of materials to residents in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan [...]

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NYC Alzheimer's Caregiver Month| Fall 2017 Newsletter

NYC Alzheimer’s Caregiver Month Recap Anna Feldman CaringKind Summer Intern CaringKind provides countless services to the caregivers of New York City but this summer, we wanted to go beyond that. “We realized that we were missing something,” said CaringKind’s President and CEO, Lou-Ellen Barkan. In addition to helping caregivers, we should take the opportunity to celebrate them as well. This was the thought behind NYC Alzheimer’s Caregiver Month. And, once the idea was conceived, there were e [...]

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CaringKind Alzheimer's Walk | Fall 2017 Newsletter

The CaringKind Alzheimer’s Walks brought thousands of New Yorkers together in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan, all with the mission to support care, advocacy and research. Throughout the city, walkers raised their ribbons and their voices to #GIVECARE. Sporting our bright orange color, our walkers joined together to honor and remember those affected by an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis, while also highlighting and celebrating the sacrifices and efforts of caregivers throughou [...]

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The Value of Caregiver Support | Fall 2017 Newsletter

The Value of Caregiver Support: How Research has Influenced Practice Mary Mittelman -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An acquaintance, let’s call her Susan, recently said to me, “I am going to have to leave my job pretty soon.” She said her husband had become very forgetful, and sometimes got confused when he was not in his own home. She said she expected that at the rate things were going, within the next few months her husband would need full-t [...]

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