Education | Winter 2019-20 Newsletter

Ed Cisek Chief Program Officer and Vice President of Program Evaluation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fill your Toolbox with Education As caregivers, we are often faced with challenging situations that are charged with emotion. Our instinct is to react quickly. It’s important, however, to take a step back, take a deep breath, remember that there is an underlying disease at work here, and dip into our mental “toolbox.” At CaringKind, our educ [...]

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Wanderer’s Safety Program | Winter 2019-20 Newsletter

Elizabeth Bravo Santiago, Director of Wanderer's Safety Program -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Getting the Bracelet As Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias advance, one issue that comes to the forefront is wandering. Two out of three people with dementia are likely to wander at some point during the course of the illness. Nevertheless, caregivers often say, “I don’t have to worry because she has never tried it. She has never wandered.” Or [...]

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Connect2Culture | Winter 2019-20 Newsletter

Meredith Wong, Manager of Connect2culture® -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cultural Resources in NYC Planning a visit to a museum can be a challenge. How to get there? What are transportation options? Where to go once you’ve arrived? When trying to answer these and similar questions, caregivers may decide not to visit a cultural institution or participate in a program simply because it’s logistically difficult. To offset this, museums try to mak [...]

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