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Current Newsletter - Fall 2016

The Caregiver's Guide
While Alzheimer’s is no laughing matter, this new reality is something that family caregivers can certainly relate to. Even before you turn the page to open the book, the message on the cover has as much significance for the interstellar hitchhiker as it does for the Alzheimer’s caregiver: DON’T PANIC! CaringKind is here for you.

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Family Caregiver Guides

The Family Caregiver Guide (FCG) is based on the curriculum for the 10-hour Family Caregiver Workshop offered at CaringKind. The four sections of the FCG correspond with the four sessions of the workshop: Understanding Dementia, Effective Communication, Behaviors Have Meaning, and Caring for the Caregiver.

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Palliative Care for People with Dementia Guidelines

In the absence of a medical cure or effective treatment, families and professional caregivers often feel helpless and hopeless. The principles behind our palliative care project offer help and the promise that we can make a residents’ life better, in some cases with the simple additions of a moment of pleasure; a smile, a hug, a needed nap, a taste of chocolate, or a favorite song.

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ADvancing Care

ADvancing Care is a newsletter for people who work in nursing homes and other residential care settings, and for the families and friends of those who live there..

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